I’ve started a new service called Graze. It’s a subscription service that delivers healthy snacks to your door. You box comes with 4 different snack options. It is customizable. On the website you can select what items you’d like to try and what ones you never want. There are also options if you are vegan, celiac, or lactose intolerant. Image Image

This time I received booster seeds (flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds), cherries and berries (dried cherries, lingonberries, cranberries, and raisins), summer berry flapjacks (rolled oats bar with berry-infused cranberries), and veggies sushi plate (wasabi peas, ginger peanuts, and nori rice crackers). They are all super yummy. It gives me a nice variety of healthy snacks I can munch on during the day. I also spend the same amount that I would typically but instead I get a variety. I can have it come every 2 or 4 weeks. If you click the logo below you’ll get your first and fifth box free. You can cancel anytime online (even after the first free box).


I have zero affiliation with the company other than that I LOVE the service. I can get boxes whenever I feel like for $6 (which includes shipping!). They make finding and selecting snacks that fit within your dietary restrictions super easy. I’m also unable to get to the store always so a service that delivers snacks to my door is perfect. There are also low calorie options for those seeking that. Click the logo above and check it out! If anything you’ll get a free box of goodies delivered to your door in 2 weeks.


Physical Therapy is kicking my butt

PT is kicking my butt! I know it is an important part of rehab (and let’s face it an important part of a Zebra’s life) but I’m at the point where we are doing a lot of strength and conditioning and PT is wining. And I am exhausted and sore all the time. But everyday I see improvements.


At first when I started PT there was pain and a lot of it. My nerves were irritated. The slightest touch would send me into tears. Walking or even standing seemed like a figment of my imagination because my nerves in my leg were over reacting to everything. But I found an amazing therapist and together we have moved passed it. We used imaginary movement, mirror therapy, touch therapy and many other things. Now that the nerve pain has settled down (it’s still there but getting better). PT used to consist of sitting on the table and imaging moving my foot or doing touching exercises, now it consists of walking (with crutches), lite gait machine, leg presses, and massage. This is kicking my butt. I’m so beat afterwards but that’s how I know it’s working. Plus the lite gait machine is pretty darn cool.



Recovery time until I could walk without assistance and normally was supposed to be 6 weeks. But I’m not typical. EDS causes delayed healing and I suspect contributed to my crazy nerve pain. Due to this it’s been 9 weeks and I’m still not walking un-aided. It’s frustrating and I’m tired of being dependent. But that is life with EDS you have to push the guilt (of being a burden) to the side to be able to heal or not over do it and crash completely. Here’s hoping that I walk this week (as awkward as it may be)!

Bruises upon Bruises

I’ve been wearing the aircast for about 6 weeks now. Every morning I wake up to more and more bruises. One of the symptoms of EDS is easy bruising. I’m used to my legs/arms/hands/feet having mysterious bruises all over them but since surgery the number of bruises on my body seemed to have tripled. I blame the aircast. Accidentally bumping your legs into each other during the night happens but when you are wearing a hard plastic cast (and have EDS) those little bumps are leaving me with giant bruises. 


As a teen my mom would get frustrated with me because I always had bruises on my legs. She thought I was playing to rough at work or getting into trouble. I swore up and down that I didn’t know where the bruises came from but when you are a teen that doesn’t fly with your parents. After my diagnosis we learned that bruising is a common symptom. I accepted the fact that I will never have flawless legs. They will always be covered in bruises and scars (poor healing is another symptom of EDS).

Even though I have the diagnosis I still get asked about my bruising at every doctor appointment because most practitioners are unaware that EDS causes bruising. The healthcare professionals assume that I am a victim of abuse, but that is not the case. I have a very loving and kind boyfriend who wouldn’t lay an hand on me. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t look like I was used as a punching bag. This is a side of EDS that needs more awareness and education. I’m doing the best of educating healthcare practitioners as I come across them and so can you. While it’s important to recognize the signs of abuse remember that there are zebras and bruising does not always equal abuse.